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PLEASE REVIEW POLICIES BEFORE ORDERING This listing is for one Pancake Vinyl Sticker Decal Printed >> For indoor or outdoor use >> Four sizes to choose from >> Printed on your choice of white or transparent sticker >> Grey adhesive for the sticky side of white stickers >> Non-reuseable ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INSTRUCTIONS Step 1: Wash The Application Area. Using Window/Glass cleaner, wash the application area... Step 2: Test Fit And Align Decal. Test fit your new decal's placement before removing the backing... Step 3: Remove The Decal Backing... Step 4: Apply The Vinyl Decal To The Window Surface...Using the credit card, rub firmly to smooth it out and make sure all parts of the decal have adhered to your application surface. Step 5: Peel Off The Decal Cover. ***Check out our 'ABOUT US' page, for more instructions*** For more awesome stickers and decals, visit our site, ***PLEASE EMAIL US IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ON APPLYING***